Monday, 21 March 2016

Here comes the Sun...

There's no doubting it, the winter just gone was definately mild by everyone's standard, but I am oh so happy for the warmer weather and longer days!

Looking back over the adventures of last summer has really made me miss the outdoors, working tirelessly at work and on my potential new academic adventure has made my life feel very very busy.

So Happy Spring! To anyone and everyone who still happens to read this, what started out as a passionate project of my love for the outdoors quickly turned stale as I failed to update when I say I would. And for that I feel really bad, and undoubtedly pretty annoyed at myself.

So a new leaf is to be turned over this Spring as I venture into something new, in the Autumn I begin my journey through university, where I will be studying Geography and the University of Worcester.

A new adventure I am countlessly counting away the days too, and it is my aim to blog my learning and love as I go, on trips and lectures that inspire me, and on subjects that bring me to question everything I thought I knew.

After publishing this I am going to sit long and hard and really think about what I want this blog to be, and plan out my ideas, because without a plan, a wish is just a wish.

You will hear from me soon!