Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bewdley's Bursting Banks

Though slightly overdue as the water levels are slowly decreasing now, Bewdley's flood defence barriers have been up again! Last week locals were issued weather warnings, following expected heavy weather in the Welsh hills. (Note: the source of the River Severn is situated  in Cambrian Mountains)

Water levels were noted to start rising on Tuesday 1st December, and the barriers were swiftly constructed the following day. The entirety of the defence system was not put up, only the barriers alongside Severnside North, where the pavement sits lower. Large debris such as logs and a few whole trees have been seen to be floating down with the fast current.

With water levels now dropping again, and pavements beginning to emerge from the murky depths of the Severn, it looks like another successful intervention from the Environment Agency. Quick thinking and very effective communication to the people bewdley helped to save many homes and businesses, with very little disturbance.

Here's to next years events! (Don't get me wrong, a flooding like this has been catastrophic to homes in Bewdley, but with new defences in place, we all feel much safer! And anyways, businesses in Bewdley that rely on tourists, its events like this catch people's attention!)

The view down Severnside South, the blue on the other side are temporary barriers to protect homes and roads.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

“The Only Thing That Satisfies the Soul is Passionate Life.”

Right now my whole life is consumed by passion and ambition. 
Days are flying away with me. 
I wake up with pure excitement and drive to get closer and closer to my goals.

I have set myself some targets: 

  1. Blog More! (obvious I know seeing as this page is practically growing cobwebs at the moment, so sorry!!!) 
  2. Apply to University - CHECK! 
  3. Complete my vocational qualifications with top marks - pending 
  4. Pray I land a new job opportunity as a Woodland Trust writer!! 
Right so the only difference between a wish and a goal is an actual plan! (although time consuming and tricky, there are undoubtedly high in reward) 

I mean, how often do you get to make what you love both your hobby and potentially your job!? (The answer is pretty often if you work hard and find the opportunities you're looking for!) 

To be honest, this post was a bit pointless, it was just another approach to apologising for being rubbish at blogging. (See bullet point 1 and previous post for further details!) But I just wanted to let the odd people who do check this out that I am working hard, just behind the scenes. 

Maybe I should just commit to a regular day that I'll post?
Yeah - I'm going to do that. 
Okay so every Monday evening (London Time) they'll be a new post to see!
(Oh man I've committed to that now!!)
Okay Bye!
Have a picture I took the other day! (also pointless but beautiful!)