The Writer

Tayla Elson

So you have found me! I can only assume you have hunted down this page in order to find out about the witty and intriguing writer (ha!) Well look no further!

Right, so a little about myself! My name is Tayla,  And at the time of writing I am 20 years old. I have always been a keen nature geek, and I am currently setting off on my journey to make my passion my work.

As of present I work full time in a coffee shop, but with what little spare time I am left, I like to squeeze in as much time outdoors as I can.  I have always been an eager walker, and rambler. Feeling as humble and content as I can whilst roaming the dirt paths, with muddy boots and a backpack. From this I have recently entered the world of Geocaching, and exciting hobby I enjoy and share. I also enjoy camping, bird watching, and I have a passion for photography.

So there you go,  a bit about the nutty, nature geek that is behind the ramblings!

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