Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hitting The Trails

Already I am half way through my holiday- why does it go so quick!? Me and the old man have spent the last few days hitting the trails near Galashiels. We went rambling in the 'New Wood' (Or rather, the wood my Dad had no idea was there for the last 12 years!) Where earlier  in the year he had spotted some wild Deer, however no luck for us - just a very startled Hare. Nevertheless the area was beautiful, and in true scottish style, it was pretty steep! We were looking for a camping spot to try out, but with the steep gradient and rocky coverage we found no place suitable for the two of us to camp. However, we did find a wood pile, one that belonged to another Bush crafter.  My Father has been studying the Bushcraft pool of knowledge intensely, and to his knowledge he expected the pile was put together for the puroose of fire wood, with most of it stacked off the wet ground and  some peices perched upright to keep dry. Although the quantity of menacing cob webs fortells a bushcrafter that never came back for it!

As for yesterday - for the 30 Days Wild Challenge I wanted to learn a new skill. So I learnt how to make a fire, pretty useful I' d say, and it wasnt even that difficult!  Started off by making 'Feather Sticks' and then igniting Birch bark shavings  with a Ferro Rod.

And today we hit the trails again! It was just a short walk to find some Geocaches, and all were found!  (Unlike all the others we've been trying to find) No complaints either with sunny weather with the odd shower and views to die for! We even spotted the rump of a startled deer, but it was too quick and we spotted nothing else.

Not too sure what tomorrow brings, but no doubt it will be wild!

All the best,
The Wilderness Warrior

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Gelert Walking Boots Review

First and foremost I would like to say that I am in no way sponsored or iffiliated with Gelert in any way. These are just the boots that I am currently using and wish to inform my readers off of my own personal experience!

Now I will say, I only ordered these boots because they were the cheapest decent looking (gotta look good ya'know) boots that I could find. For the last four years I have been wearing a trusty brand of Regatta, which, don't get me wrong, served my very well! But just a week before going off on holiday to Scotland I spotted a wee hole in the outerseam. A disaster. So I need some new boots, and I needed them fast. 

So here I am with a pair of Gelert walking boots. And I'm impressed! For you dear readers I have put these boots through thick and thin! And they have held pretty darn well! They lasted through a tough 10 mile hike, enduring dirt and mud. There is absolutely no visible damage to the boots at all, just some dry mud to clean off! Although there is a down side, I found these boots to be very painful around the ankles as a result of friction. With the constant varying gradient of the walk, with many steep inclines the material around the ankles, which does well to support the ankle, does begin to rub. Now I suppose I should have used thicker socks, or that they were not 'worn in' enough, I am just merely passing on my experience, information that some may find useful! (Or not, who knows!) 

But either way, I am very impressed! They have kept my feet dry whilst trekking through streams, even when the water submerged past the tounge (impressed!) They have supported my ankles whilst rambling on uneven dirt and rocks. So I suggest you take a look and give them a go! 

All the best, 
The Wilderneas Warrior

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Three Bretherens

So what a day yesterday was! Never have I ever walked so far, and so tough, that I have been left in this much agony! 

But heck, it was a darn good walk! Me and the old man decides to head for The Three Bretheren, to which there was a lovely cache situated at the summit of. Except this time round we decided to go the long way. And it was hard. And now I am sat, over 24 hours later, still resting a very, very agonising hip pain. (Oh the joys!) I am just hoping and praying that the pain subsides so that I can do more walks this holiday. But that ten miler almost killed me!

But I knew the view from the top was going to be worth - and I wasn't wrong. 
I am still slowly but surely ticking off the odd bits on the 30 Days Wild Challenge. But please, if you really want to see what I am up to on a daily basis then please check out my;
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Stay wild! 
All my love, 
The Wilderness Warrior

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Scottish Borders

So I am I holiday! So hooray for some well earnt free time! Like every year I am spending my holiday in Scotland, as I have done for the last 12 years. It really is my home away from home!

To make up for my utter disgrace of an effort with the 30 Days Wild Challenge, me and my dear old man are going to cross as many things off the list as we can! And yes, expect photos and updates! 

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Home Sweet Home

My absolute sincerest apologies for my disappearance! All I can say is that it all happened very quickly! I fledged the nest! I am now a fully qualified adult! (so they say!) And seeing as the new place currently has no internet it is safe to say that it has been a pretty long week!
I am rather saddened that I haven't been able to keep up with the 30 Days Wild Challenge, but I have been out exploring my new area! I have moved into a lovely 17th Century House along the riverside in the town of Bewdley, Worcestershire.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

So here it is, my list of some of the random acts of kindness I am going to try to accomplish this June!

  1. Make a bug hotel
  2. Plant some bee friendly plants 
  3. Learn a new skill 
  4. Visit somewhere new
  5. Do a nature sketch
  6. Go pond dipping
  7. Watch the sunrise
  8. Hug a tree 
  9. Follow a bee 
  10. Introduce a friend to nature 
  11. Create a nature Pinterest board 
  12. Go stargazing 
  13. Learn some facts 
  14. Make a bird feeder 
  15. Make a paracord spider 
  16. Take a friend Geocaching 
  17. Scribble a poem 
  18. Make a boat 
  19. Lunch in the wild 
  20. Feel the grass under your feet 
  21. Hush in a hide
  22. Investigate tracks 
  23. Note sightings 
  24. Buy a wild magazine 
  25. Dance in the rain 
  26. Tweet for the wild 
  27. .....
  28. ......
  29. ......
  30. .....
Have you guys got anymore ideas for me to fill in the last four? It would be much appreciated!!

All the best, 
The Wilderness Warrior 

Monday, 1 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day One

So it's been a pretty soggy start to the 30 Days Wild Challenge!

What have you guys been up to?

Today I was meeting an old friend for lunch, so we went for a waterlogged walk around the town of Bridgnorth. Taking a moment to appreciate the local wild that is has to offer, and the breathtaking sea of green that historic towns are surrounded by.

So today I set myself the challenge of 'Introducing a friend to nature' because if you love something, you should share it!

But I will admit there is nothing better than getting home, jumping out of sodden clothes and putting the kettle on!

All the best,
The Wilderness Warrior