Saturday, 19 November 2016

A Muddy Morning Walk

What' this, two posts in two days!? I must be ill!

I have a bit of spare time this evening between my studying to type up a quick post. This morning I joined my University Nature Society for a walk along the river. For some reason I didn't give any thought on the amount of mud there would be, rookie error!

Nevertheless it was a beautiful walk, and a new route to take that is nice and local! (Hurrah!) A few new sightings for me personally too, the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and the teeny Goldcrest! There were also plenty of Great Tits, Blue Tits and Long Tailed Tits! Although photographing was difficult with the sheer amount of naked branches competing within the photos! (thanks winter!) But of course, I am not one to be beaten yet!

Here is what I did manage to get:
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Long Tailed Tit

I promise this is a Goldcrest!! 

Another Long Tailed Tit

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Art of Birdwatching

Now, this is not something you are born with, but is something to be gained through sheer guts and determination. For only the truly strong will survive into professionalism.

But all jokes aside, birdwatching most definately isn't for everyone, and takes a good deal of practice, but often with unmistakable benefits. I remember the first time I sat in a bird hide, cold, confused and simply impatient. And of course I wasn't going to see anything, mostly because I simply didn't want it enough, and because nature takes time. It's really as simple as that!

My top 3 tips for birdwatching:
1. Wrap up warm (Obviously) Often times I have been sat on a cold morning much longer than I initially anticipated too, after all, some days can just be really good like that!
2. Invest in a decent thermos flask! Much related to the previous point, it really is important to make yourself comfortable whilst you're waiting about.
3. And while you're waiting, get used to the scenery. In my case I spend this time setting up my camera settings, trying out settings in order to get the best shot when the opportunity arises. There really is nothing worse than not being camera ready when a beautiful bird finally decides to grace you with it's presence.

Now, about a fortnight ago (can you tell I've been super busy with first university assignments) I had the opportunity to go back to the Severn Valley Country Park, so sat in the bird hide for almost 2 hours in the morning. At first there was nothing, but the key here is to be stubborn and wait it out a bit longer. And I am yet to be disappointed. Like buses, many came at once. Groups of Great Tits, Blue Tits, a pair of Pheasants, A shy Heron and an inquisitive Robin. And perhaps, if my ID is correct a little Dunnock. (which is a first for me I believe)
I would ID this little fellow as a Dunnock, any other suggestions? 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Fairground and Fireworks

Not exactly nature related, (okay so not at all, but it's my blog guys!) As you all may know last night was bonfire night, and my first here in Worcester! The Racecourse held the biggest one this year, and seeing as it was a five minute walk away, it'd be rude not to go. I was really pleased with how my camera worked, and had a lot of fun with the exposure settings too!

Next week I hope to have some amazing pictures, as I am going back home and having a day at the Severn Valley Country Park again, and I'm already really excited! (I really really hope the Kingfisher is there again!)

Anyways, I should really get back to my assignment now, I'm only posting this small update because I'm procrastinating, haha oops!