Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Well here goes nothing ...

I honestly think this is the tenth-hundredth (is that even a word?) time I've opened up a blog post apologising for being a bit MIA, but I mean it's been 151 days since I last posted, so I'm here to tell you that I'm not dead. You know what can happen in 151 days? I can complete my first year of my Geography degree, do my first ever two night proper wild camp excursion (I will do a write up on it and some of my newbie tips - aka all the things that went wrong!), the entire British political system can be thrown into chaos and, I'll have you know, baby goat can be created (bet you didn't know that eh).

So yes, I have now completely finished my first year of my degree, and I am very chuffed to have recieved 4xBs and an A! (I'm still in shock). The last few months were pretty tough with assignment work and exam preparations, but I did only have like four mental breakdowns so it wasn't really all that bad I guess. I am spending my summer relaxing and putting off my summer reading (standard). It feels crazy that the first year is already over and done with, if you're about to start a degree, just don't blink. The entire time, because you'll miss it all.

A sneak peak of the WIld Camping trip!

What's next? Well I'm excited to be moving back to university at the end of August to start my training for a new job, before a week in the Cairngorms (Scottish Highlands) on a fieldtrip, so yes be expecting some amazing photos, hopefully with a wide angle lens too! The second year at university will hopefully be another great year, I've even swapped some modules, and instead I am taking a semester on cultural changes in society, so it will be exciting to do something running at a bit of a tangent to my Geography course!

I think I'll end this update with yet another promise to be a regular blogger again - when will I ever get my life together!? Although having allowed my blog to sit and gain some cobwebs has vastly affected my motivation to go out and be outside in nature, so this is something I am really going to try and bring back into my life.

Also I missed 30 Days Wild this year - I am heartbroken, it's almost like it sprung out of nowhere. It would have been my third year in a row too! (Boo me :( )

Anyways, I'm off now to type up a mahoosive blog schedule and ideas pot to keep me accountable!!